Why a Hummingbird?


You’ve all seen that picture. It is my blog’s image, my profile’s image, and my facebook page‘s image.

And today I spent an hour with a buzzing needle in my ear, getting a similar image tattooed permanently onto my skin.  

Besides how stunning they are, of course

So what’s so important about a hummingbird?

It’s not directly related Bipolar or mental illness, and in fact some might think of it as the opposite as its most well known meaning is lightness of being and positivity. 

I chose the Hummingbird because as I was looking through old cards I had been given, I came across a beautiful one given to me by my treasured nanna.

The card congratulated me for completing high school so successfully, after so many disruptive things had happened in my final year. It contained a small saying about hummingbirds. At the time I had been thinking of ideas for a tattoo about my illness, and suddenly the majestic Phoenix for Strength didn’t seem so powerful.

Because the Hummingbird has another meaning, less talked about but just as important.


And this is so important, perhaps more important that mere strength. Because when this cruel illness takes the last of your strength away, you need to endure. You need to keep going. And personally, I believe that that positivity is how you do it.

The light and happy Hummingbird may at first not seem appropriate for people who spend so much of their time in crushing Depression. But it’s then that Positivity and Endurance become so important.

The Hummingbird is perhaps the most important symbol for sufferers. It is not only what we need, but what we prove we have when we survive. 

I chose to make the Hummingbird my blog’s logo, and a lasting part of me, because this is who we are. We are Positivity, Lightness of Being and Resilience. 


3 thoughts on “Why a Hummingbird?

  1. it’s lovely to see how you’ve embraced your mental brilliance. 🙂 even after so many years of first being diagnosed, i still have no idea what tattoo i will get where i’ve wanted one for so many years.

    the hummingbird is also known for flapping its wings up to 90 times per second I believe (bp trivia)… i would highly suggest that to be either manic or just pure madness.




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