31 Days of Bipolar, Day 15:

Skipped a few days here as I wouldn’t be able to answer them semi-decently, so let’s continue with day 15: What would you ask your future self if you could?

And this one is quite simple. How does it turn out for me?

Ever since being diagnosed, there has been so much uncertainty. Yes, there is hope for a bright and full life. But I cannot ignore the chances of a much worse fate.

And it takes so much strength and energy to make it through each day. It is truly exhausting. I just wish I could know what it’s all for. Am I going to keep fighting until the day I die? Or am I fighting now, so that I can achieve everything I want later in life?

People always say to have hope. I would just love to know that it’s more than faith I am relying on.

3 thoughts on “31 Days of Bipolar, Day 15:

  1. When we have a major event, good or bad, for a while we measure all in relation to one thing. Talk to any bridezilla. Life is way more complex than that. It’s a bit like riding a bike. Sometimes it’s all up hill on a miserable day seemingly with no end. Other days it’s gliding down the hills, with the exhilaration made better by the up hill climb. Learning to ride is a struggle which becomes easier over time. I would hope your future self would tell you to keep peddling.



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