7 Everyday Things that Mania makes Interesting 

1. Haircuts 

Don’t underestimate how hard it is to be still in a chair. Or to fight the paranoia that someone will steal your stuff that’s sitting only a foot away. Or your ability to vocalise what you want. Or the fact your mind has no distractions.

2. Walking

When the meds kick in and you’re so drowsy you’re surprised no policemen have given you a sobriety test.

3. First dates 

Do I tell them? Don’t I? When should I? (I told my boyfriend within 24 hours of meeting… I don’t beat around the bush)

4. Budgeting 

This one may seem obvious but I’m usually so good with money I genuinely thought I’d be able to spend money wisely if I took certain precautions.

5. Memory 

The amount of appointments I’ve missed…

6. Self doubt 

You’d assume that with all the confidence mania brings that self doubt wouldn’t be a problem, but because I’m aware that I’m going to make bad choices and say the wrong thing I find myself doubting my actions more when I’m manic than when I’m stable. I then proceed to not care, but the doubt if whether it’s a genuinely good idea or a manic good idea still lingers.

7. Writing a blog

I find myself so distracted that I’ve seriously slipped on my writing.


If someone is interested I would like to add another Bipolar writer to my blog. If you could contact me using the form on my About page telling me why you think you’d be good on my blog and provide a link to your current one, or if you want to ask me questions, please do. 🙂

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