31 Days of Bipolar, Day 17: Who is Bipolar?

Trigger warning: abuse

If bipolar was a real thing or being, what would it look, sound and behave like?

If Bipolar was a being, it’d be the name those two really close friends decided to dub themselves. Depression and Mania, friends who are so different yet so close. Continue reading


31 Days of Bipolar, Day 15:

Skipped a few days here as I wouldn’t be able to answer them semi-decently, so let’s continue with day 15: What would you ask your future self if you could?

And this one is quite simple. How does it turn out for me?

Ever since being diagnosed, there has been so much uncertainty. Yes, there is hope for a bright and full life. But I cannot ignore the chances of a much worse fate.

And it takes so much strength and energy to make it through each day. It is truly exhausting. I just wish I could know what it’s all for. Am I going to keep fighting until the day I die? Or am I fighting now, so that I can achieve everything I want later in life?

People always say to have hope. I would just love to know that it’s more than faith I am relying on.

31 Days of Bipolar, Day 10: Coming Out of the Mental Health Closet

After coming back from internet-free holidays with family, I now continue with the 31 days of Bipolar! (And have a lot of great new post designs)

Do you tell people you’re bipolar? Why/why not?

Erm, well, considering I have a blog telling complete strangers intimate details about living with Bipolar, I think it’s safe to assume that I tell people.

With mental illness being so common and openly spoken about in my family, I guess the idea of not telling people was never an option. Rather, when I became diagnosed with anxiety and was being treated for that, I wasn’t open about it as I saw no reason to go out of my way to explain it.

But eventually, a little way into being treated for anxiety, I got to know the statistics, and I learnt that not everyone had an upbringing like mine. I hoped that by being open about my struggles with anxiety, others would feel better about talking about their own issues.

And while I faltered for a little after being diagnosed with Bipolar, in the end I knew what was right for me and continued being honest.

All of my family is aware, my friends were told first, my boyfriend was told before he even asked me out, I let my teachers at university know, and so on.

I understand this is a difficult thing for many to do, but I believe in being the change I want to see in the world.