Bipolar; A Deadly Illness? (Part II)

Trigger Warning: Suicide

If committing suicide is not a choice, as I wrote in Part I, then Bipolar is an illness that takes lives. So why isn’t it given the same treatment? Continue reading


Please don’t tell us to “be positive”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Those who are close to someone suffering a mental illness struggle too. And I believe one of the biggest struggles they face is not knowing how to help.

Now, I could write a lot on this as someone who has both needed help, and someone who has wanted to give help to others. But there’s one thing that comes up a lot in the comment section on my blog that today I have found myself without patience for.

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So… what is Bipolar?

As it turns out, simply knowing that it involves happy times and bad times isn’t enough. Even with my family history, I didn’t even know that until after I got diagnosed. Just like “cancer” describes the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells (thanks, Google) but actually has many different types and ways it presents, so too does Bipolar.

This is Bipolar 101. 

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